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Adelaide Lawyers offers an affordable but quality Will preparation service in the Adelaide CBD. 

COVID-19 WE HAVE A PROCESS IN PLACE TO STILL PROVIDE WILLS EMAIL paralegal@adelaidelawyers.net.au and provide your phone number and we will give you a call.


Our fixed fee prices, inclusive of GST are:

  • A single Will from only $385 

  • Wills for couples $595 total (2 documents)

  • A Will, Power of Attorney and Advanced Care Directive packaged for $550 (3 documents)

  • Two Wills, Two Power of Attorneys, two Advanced Care Directives packaged for couples at $795 (6 documents)


Simple wills can usually be prepared for you in just one appointment (in-person or teleconference) to provide your instructions and a further appointment to sign (optional) once the documents have been explained to you and approved by you.


Additional costs at an hourly rate ($440 inc GST per hour) may be applied for complicated wills, if you have companies, trusts or self-managed superannuation funds, drafting testamentary trusts, and powers of attorney (finances) and Advanced Care Directives (health). Please call us to discuss your precise needs and to obtain a no-obligation quote. Most common additional charges are $110 inc GST to $440 inc GST. 

If you do have a company or trust or smsf we ask that you don't try to avoid the additional charges. Many of the Deeds and Constitutions we read and the clauses relating to death of a member, Director, Appointor or shareholder do not accord with customer's instructions and special clauses are often drafted for the Will. These clauses are needed to protect your investment or business assets for your beneficiaries.

A will is an important document that arranges for the dispersal of a person’s assets upon death. Without a will the wishes of the deceased person have no way of being known or enforced. Most people would wish that their hard earned assets pass to their loved ones with a minimum of fuss. A will can also provide for the guardianship of any minor children and can express a wish as to funeral arrangements.

The administration of an estate where there is no will can be an expensive and time consuming procedure.

One of the most important considerations when making a will is the appointment of executors – the persons who have the responsibility of seeing that your wishes are carried out. We advise our clients to consider who they might wish to fill this role before coming in to make their will and we are happy to discuss this aspect when you come in, as well as to provide advice.

Making a will is not something that should be put off for any length of time, and of course the will can be revised at any time to take account of changed circumstances. You should be aware that a new will, as well as marriage, automatically revokes an existing will.

Adelaide Lawyers will also store your will securely, at no cost, should you wish.

We will try to make the will drafting process and as simple as possible and will work with you to generate the will that best suits your needs.


Our solicitors can also prepare related documents and we would discuss them with you when we make your will.

Power of Attorney is a document that appoints another person or persons to represent and act on your behalf concerning decisions about financial matters. A person appointed as Power of Attorney should be someone you can trust. Our solicitors will assist you in appointing an appropriate person to undertake such responsibility. We will discuss and determine the situation through consideration of your wishes and circumstances.




Advanced Care Directive is a document that appoints another person to make decisions on your behalf should you become incapable of making decisions on your own behalf, for example in the event of dementia, stroke etc. These decisions can include personal, social or medical concerns.


Adelaide Lawyers embraces a very personal approach to you and your matters. Queries regarding Wills, Power of Attorney and Advanced Care Directive will be handled by our solicitors who will be happy to work with you and attend to your requirements.

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