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We believe in providing exceptional service for our clients. We work as a team to provide the best outcome for you.

Adelaide Lawyers is a successful, mid-sized firm located conveniently in the Adelaide CBD, near the Court precinct.

We believe our success comes from our empahetic and collaborative approach to our files. We understand that clients often seek advice during difficult times and we work together to simplify the process and achieve an expedicious outcome for you.

We continue to grow as a firm and we are widely recognised in a number of Jurisdictions. Our lawyers are qualified to appear in all South Australian State and Commonwealth Courts.


Karen Karykis

Karen qualified as a lawyer after managing an accounting practice for over a decade. Karen posseses a high level of business and commercial experience stemming from her previous role as a senior accountant.


Her knowledge of business structures, taxation, accounting, property investment and the finance industry gives Adelaide Lawyers a key edge in dealing with complex family law financial cases and Property Settlement matters.


Karen divides her time between both managing the firm and working actively to achieve a good resolution for her clients so they can get on with their lives.

A strong and skilled negotiator, Karen will work hard to get the best result for you and whenever possible, without going through a stressful Court process.

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08 7231 6010

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Con Karykis
B.A.(Acc) FCA

Con is a Chartered Accountant with over 25 years of experience helping businesses to grow. He is on the Board of St Basil's Nursing Homes and has also been involved in property development.

Con has assisted businesses with their taxation, structures and accounting for many years.

Con knows a great deal about trusts and corporate structures and the value of small businesses as well as being a strong negotiator and a credible witness.

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08 7231 6012

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08 7231 6000

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