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Although we are a private law firm, we are also proud to take on Legal Aid work. If you wish to be represented by our firm rather than a Legal Aid (public) solicitor appointed for you, we can take on your case at no extra cost to you.

We can help you apply for Legal Aid if your case relates to a family law child dispute or settlement of a small property pool.

You must meet a means (income and assets) test in order to qualify for Legal Aid. If you do not qualify, we can still offer a Free 1st Interview with a lawyer to discuss and advise you regarding your case, and can arrange private representation for you at an affordable and fixed fee or on an instalment plan basis.

If you are unsure whether or not you qualify for Legal Aid, or just need to speak to someone for help, call us on (08) 7231 6000.

We can help you apply for Legal Aid - 

We recommend that you call us beforehand on (08) 7231 6000 to book an appointment.

You must bring or email or print in our office Proof of Means so that we are able to lodge your application. Bring copies of your:​

  • Original bank statements (or passbooks) for all accounts for the last 2 months;

  • Latest Centrelink Income Staement (if applicable);

  • Payslips for the last 4 weeks (if you are working);

  • Last Tax Return and last Profit & Loss Statement (if you are self-employed)

  • You must also bring copies of the same documents for your spouse or de facto partner (if applicable). 

Finally, include a copy of  any relevant Court Orders, proceedings, summons, or bail agreements.

If you are unable to attend our office,  or wish to lodge the application yourself, follow the following simple steps:

  1. Download and prepare the Legal Aid Application form online;

  2. If you want our firm to act, tick that you wish a private lawyer to represent you at Question 48;

  3. At Question 48, request that Michelle Burckhardt or Madalena Vellotti represent you. Our firm name is 'Adelaide Lawyers', address 'PO Box 10167, Adelaide BC, SA 5000', phone '(08) 7231 6000'

  4. Include with your application the Proof of Means listed previously as well as any relevant Court Orders, proceedings, summons or bail agreements (or you application may be returned to you)



Legal Aid will usually advise within 2 weeks whether your application has been approved. Our office will be in contact with you as soon as approval is received. 

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